An Application of concepts of topological spaces

  • Gabriel Preston
  • Emmanuel Kweku Mensah
  • George Donkor
  • Stephen Ofori Ntim
  • Joy Zialesi Atokple
  • Elizabeth Adomako Boamah
  • David Mensah
  • Augustine Twumasi
  • Ebenezer Amankwaah Essuman
  • jomaar_admin Admin
Keywords: Topology, Subsets, Shapes, Space, Deformation


In the field of mathematics topology is one of the great tools which can be applied in all aspects of science. It has three concepts: topologies on sets, manifolds, continuous functions and homeomorphism. It has various subfields namely, general topology, differential topology, algebraic topology, geometric topology etc. The concepts of topological space and its subfields can be applied in physics, biology, computer science, robotics, mechanical engineering and even cosmology.